Plurals Tour Highlights Part 3

Oh wow I haven’t kept up with this very well at all. As I stated before I will go into detail with a more comprehensive journal thing later, but, here goes with a quick recap. I’m writing from Billings, Montana where The Plurals and The Anchor are splitting a hotel room (shh, don’t tell) on a shared off night.
4/6 – Drove from Denver to Albuquerque. Played at a kinda strange hookah lounge called The Orchid Chamber. Probably the weakest show of the tour, but still not bad. Met up with Jimmy from one of the local bands and crashed at his place.
4/7 – Hung out at Jimmy’s for probably too long. Drove to Tucson eventually and met up with Cameron Combs, great dude and one of the organizers of Way Out West Fest.
4/8 – Met Billy Brooks, the other main organizer of WOW Fest, as well as Logan Greene, friggin cool Tuscon dude. Spent the night watching bands at Way Out West Fest. Highlights included Logan Greene and The Bricks, Languas Largas, The Pillowfights, American Lies, and The Anchor. Crashed with Cameron (and his super cool GF Erica) again.
4/9 – WOW Fest continues. Highlights included Shang A Lang, Rumspringer, Something Fierce, Tiltwheel, Discos, UltraMaroon, Shark Pants and… yeah, lots of good music. We played a super fun set and met more cool people, including supercool southern California promoter Party Marty. Testing their patience, we once again crashed with Cameron and Erica.
4/10 – Last day of WOW Fest, with great sets from Dr. Dinosaur, Jason Kutchman, New York Taxi, Gashcat, and International Dipshits. At about 7 PM Dickie from Shark Pant/ Languas Largas/ UltraMaroon/ etc asked us if we wanted to play another show that night at a local club called The Red Room. Totally sweet pick-up show at a cool venue with cool people all around. Very nice. Somehow we convinced Cameron and Erica that we were still cool and crashed there again.
4/11 – Over staying our welcome, I broke Cameron and Erica’s shower curtain, so we took them out for lunch (Rocco’s Pizza!). Drove to Phoenix, met up with our old friend Ahmad, played an odd but fun show at The Rogue Bar and then crashed at Ahmad’s.
4/12 – Had an off day in southern California, hanging out with Party Marty, The Anchor, and the Muy Athentico Records crew (including but not limited to Kyle, Andy, and Mono). Watched The Anchor play at Romano’s in Riverside, CA.
4/13 – Spent what felt like the entire day driving across Los Angeles to get to San Pedro, CA. Hung out with Black Sparrow Press and then played a fun show at Harold’s with BSP, Baby J, and Images. My amp stopped working, but, oh well. Partied.
4/14 – Went kayaking with our friend Eva in the San Pedro harbor. Saw sea lions. Hung out with BSP some more before heading back to Riverside to play at Romano’s. Played a fun show with American Lies, Summer Vacation, and Bonsai.
4/15 – Hung out in Riverside for Andy from Turkish Techno’s birthday. Marty, Mono, Kyle, Andy, Miski, Sasha, Ariel, Dustin, other Hattie, and everyone in Riverside rules. Except that Valerie girl that tried to get me to smoke heroin with her, but, hey, whatever.
4/16 – Discovered that California is a really big state and In and Out Burger is tasty. Got to San Jose to play an awesome show in this dude Eric’s garage. Danielle from The Pillowfights put the show on and she and her band are awesome. This cool dude Sim got us on a late show at a bar that had no personality called Broncos, which was a lot of fun, until they told us to turn down, but, eh. Crashed at Danielle’s. I broke her roommate Mander’s CD player within seconds of walking in the door. Sorry Mander.
4/17 – Hung out with Danielle in San Jose. Got the best burrito of the tour, and then saw a cool house show with some great bands, including Bad Dream from Brooklyn and a bunch of awesome bands that I don’t rememer the names of.
4/18 – Departed San Jose (thanks Danielle!) then had a fun show in Sacramento, CA, care of cool punk dude Twitch Angry. Made the perhaps less-than-wise decision to drive to Kings Beach, CA after the show, with a semi terrifying drive through the Sierra Nevada mountains. Met up with Brett McDowell, a beloved GTG OG!
4/19 – Beautiful day on Lake Tahoe with Brett. Fun house show at Brett’s with Brett and a cool guy named Forrest.
4/20 – Really long drive to Portland, OR. Good show at a bar called The Know (thanks Amai and Dave). Crashed with cool dude Greg from the band Middle Ages.
4/21 – Wandered around Portland and then drove to Seattle and met up with Johnny Unicorn and his lovely girlfriend Naomi. Naomi made enchiladas that were like an oasis.
4/22 – Really fun house show at The Tiger House with Johnny Unicorn (and his Universe) and Horace Pickett. Great times.
4/23 – After driving all day, arrived at the ZACC Gallery in Missoula, MT. Played with The Anchor, which is blast, as well as great locals City O City and Hangover Kings. Marty Hill is a great promoter. Crashed with Andrea from City O City.
4/24 – Got invited to an afternoon brunch thing in Missoula and hung out with locals and The Anchor. Good stuff! Drove to Billings, MT, where I now write.

We got Rapid City, SD tomorrow (w/ The Anchor!), Minneapolis on Tuesday, and Chicago on Wednesday. Michigan awaits! It will be strange to be home, but I do miss Lansing and all of our friends.
Uh, Happy Easter?


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