GTG045: Drinking Mercury – “Words” Coming 1/22

Yes indeed, believe it or not, GTG godfathers Drinking Mercury are releasing a new EP in just two days. These six tracks are culled from the sessions for the group’s as-yet-untitled long awaited full-length album due out this summer. The album features art and layout by longtime GTG friend Ashley Anderson (webmaster of the long forgotten .com site from a few years back) and mastering by ex-MK Ultra Culkin string slinger Sylas Semen. Thanks gang!

Sean Bradley of Lansing Music TV was kind enough to write up a pre-release review of the new EP here. Sean calls the EP “infectious and instantly recognizable,” and we hope that translates to everyone that hears it.

Here’s the “official” press release regarding the album:

On Saturday, January 22nd, 2011, Michigan-based band Drinking Mercury will release the EP “Words.” While the band is currently based in Lansing, the group consists of four longtime friends from Ionia County – Kevin Adams (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Michael Boyes (vocals, guitar, ukulele), Tommy McCord (guitar, vocals), and Timmy Rodriguez (bass, vocals) – and has existed in varying forms since 2000. The band’s sound is rooted in psychedelic melodic rock with folk and shoegaze leanings throughout. “Words” is the first release from the band since 2006 and stands as both a document of where the band has been and a preview of what to expect from a full-length album by the group due out in the summer of 2011. Recorded in the last few months of 2010 by the band members at the GTG House studio in Lansing, the six songs on “Words” feature writing contributions from all four members of the band, with the songs having been written over the course of the band’s existence. Opener “Hey Hey Sally” features Michael on lead vocals and was one of the first songs the band worked on when Timmy joined in 2008; a slightly different arrangement of the song will appear on the forthcoming Drinking Mercury album. Second track “Grateful Day” also features Michael on lead vocals, with a different arrangement and recording of the song also slated for the album. “The 8th” is one of the first songs written by the band (in 2001) and features Tommy on lead vocals. Fourth song “Remmy” also features Tommy on lead vocals and has its roots in a 2002 song called “Reminisce” that was composed in a punkier phase of the band, with several years of re-writing and re-arranging culminating in this recording. “Noisemaker” features Timmy’s first lead vocal turn in Drinking Mercury, with a more jubilant side of the band showing through. Michael returns to the lead vocal position for closer “The Day Before,” an acoustic song dating from 2003 that was resurrected into a building, epic, full band arrangement for this EP. Serving as both a crash course in the decade-long evolution of Drinking Mercury and a teaser for a long overdue full-length from the band, “Words” is a welcome appearance from a band that has quietly existed for over a decade. Drinking Mercury releases “Words” with a live appearance at Mac’s Bar on January 22nd, also featuring Mason’s Case, Elliot Street Lunatic, and The Playback.

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