Timmy’s Top 10 GTG Songs of 2010

Well, one thing I have realized while putting together any sort of top 10 lists that I am like two years behind. The only major label band that I bought from 2010 was The Arcade Fire “The Suburbs”. The only other releases were primarily local releases. Frank and Earnest’s Old Francis and The Plurals/Honah Lee Lick it EP dominated a lot of my spring/summer. Other than that, I had my usual Beatle spurts throughout the year, I got more into KISS than I could ever imagine (I had to be), Fun. exploded my pants off, The Rape Babies Killer EP became one album that constantly goes through rotation and Mumford and Sons took over my life.



I was asked to put together a Top 10 GTG song list for 2010. I was thankful the topic was narrowed down to just GTG releases, but honestly, it was a great year for GTG. Great releases, great bands, some great show. It was sad to see the demise of MK Ultra Culkin, but these things happen and I will remember them and their music fondly. So, let me think of these top 10 songs. Here we go.



1. Mr. Hollands Otis – Frank and Earnest “Old Francis” – I have to say that Old Francis is also my favorite album of the year. But this song was the reason this album did not leave my CD player for a long time. It made the album good to great for me and I mean that with no disrespect to any of the other songs on the album. I love the other songs. Sometimes their is just that song that ties every thing together and this song does it for me. My favorite song of the year.



2. Beth – Crooked Sound “No More Tomorrow Baby! A Tribute to KISS” – This is one of the most beautiful intimate tracks that I have heard in a long time. Eric really did this song justice.



3. I Hate My Job – Honah Lee “Lick It Ep” – This song was my house jam for a while. My roommates and I would get drunk, blast it, and jump around the living room. I was lucky enough to play with these guys last spring and then they came over and trashed my house with the Plurals. The video for this song is a must see too. Make sure to check out Dim’s “Lets Rock!” face right before he gets up to play. Priceless. Priceless.



4. Sheep Dive – The Plurals “Lick it EP” – I feel like I can say I have followed the Plurals since their beginning (sorta). I remember in the fall of 2004 being emailed tracks from Tommy and instantly digging them. They have come so far since 2004 and this song is a perfect example. I can’t exactly say why I love this song so much. It’s the song that shot “The Sun” out of number one as my favorite Plurals song. When the first verse comes in from the trippy intro, when its just vocals and guitar, that is my favorite part. I don’t know, I just fucking love this song.



5. Pretty Lips – Jason Alarm – Such a good song. Dave Hendrickson sucks.



6. Explosions – Cavalcade “Explosions : Lansing Salutes Devo– I am still waiting for the Cavalcade album, but this song will hold me over until then. I love this track.



7. Exercise in Humility – The Plurals “Austin Gump” – I am so glad this song finally found a release. I’ve loved this song for a long time. It was always one of the perks of seeing The Plurals acoustic at State Grounds Coffeehouse in Hastings, MI.



8. I Was Evil That Year – Narc Out The Reds “…Are On The Run” – I know this song has been around for a while. But this is one of the first songs that captured my attention from NOTR. So ofcourse,  I was stoked when I got a copy of this song. The EP is so damn good too.



9. Party it Up Part III – The Plurals “Lick It EP” – This song is sang by the same guy that when I first saw the Plurals had really only one time during a set where he would have his own vocals. And all he said was “It’s a good thing!”. Now, I am not bashing Shark Sandwich by any means. It’s a great song. It’s just crazy to see Nich go from that to this. Despite being one son of a bitch, this guy can deliver on the mic. And somehow now he is the comic relief of the Plurals and likes to take his shirt off? Anyways, the song, this is a fucking great song.



10. Psycho Circus – Young Dan Tucker “No More Tomorrow Baby! A Tribute to KISS” – When I first heard this track I was sitting in my room on my computer. Isaac just sent me all the master tracks and I was listening to them all. By the time I was finished with this track, I had tears in my eyes because I was laughing so hard. Then I listened to it again and again. Then I realized, this is actually a great cover and a great track. This cover is legit. I know Phil Winters loves his KISS and it truly shows.


Honorable Mentions –

Cold Gin – Hat Madder – “No More Tomorrow Baby! A Tribute to KISS”

Gut Feeling – The Plurals “Explosions: Lansing Salutes Devo”

Rock and Roll All Nite – The Cartridge Family – “No More Tomorrow Baby! A Tribute to KISS”

Won’t Come to You – The Plurals – “Lick it EP”

Oh Santa – Josh David and The Dream Jeans – “Bermuda Snohawk 2010” (This track was close to the top 10)

There is No Us- The Hat Madder – “Rogue Notes & Phones”

Addictionary – Frank and Earnest – “Old Francis”

Bleeding Out – MK Ultra Culkin – “Homeland Security”


2010 was a hell of a year for me. I finally released the KISS comp along with its sister album the Devo comp, I played in a KISS tribute band to help release those albums, and I was a part of another rebirth for Drinking Mercury. The Break-Ups played a few shows here and there but with my head focused primarily on school this semester, I felt I still contributed and put forth a lot and was there to see a lot of awesome things. GTG Fest, as usual, was a great success this year. GTG Fest is and will always be one of the high points of my summer. Getting to know the Honah Lee boys was also another high point of my year. Being called a pussy for not taking a swig of tequila for the forth time by Jim in my hallway always makes me laugh as well as seeing Goggles wrapped in painters tape and covered in baby powder in my dining room.

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