Great Shows + Videos

As Hattie alluded to in her post below, there’s some good stuff going on among the GTG crew right now. Just this last weekend we had a GTG domination at Mac’s Bar with the Hat Madder‘s release show for their stellar new EP “Rogue Notes and Phones, featuring Narc Out the Reds and Drinking Mercury. All bands played well (I somehow ended up crowd surfing during the Hat Madder’s blissfully heavy-spaced out closing jam, and Narc Out the Reds debuted an epic, goosebump-inducing new song) but from a personal standpoint, the Drinking Mercury set was a triumph. Search around on the internet long enough and you’ll find any number of blogs and pre-blog website musings and confessionals from myself, struggling with whatever it is that is Drinking Mercury. We’ve been a band since 2000 (ten years ago this summer, although that’s including the “Kevin and I jamming for 15 minutes and then running around town being junior high hoodlums” era – we have been playing shows since the summer of 2001 though) put out an EP in 2004 that we weren’t happy with, spent two years recording another EP that we are happy with but that doesn’t really represent us, spent two to four years after that basically pretending to be a band, and all the while everyone involved formed and played with other bands. For some reason we all keep coming back to the project (even pulling in former #1 fan Timmy “Corncob” Rodriguez as a fulltime member along the way) despite a near decade of defeat (which of course is just one way of looking at it – there’s no way that the project that preceded and began everything that is our GTG community could be considered a “defeat” to me). But at Mac’s Bar on Saturday I think we finally were able to execute what this band has sounded like in our heads this entire time. Having the crowd (most of whom had no idea who we were, or thought that it was some sort of new Plurals/ Break-Ups/ Dream Jeans/ GTG whatever offshoot) with us every step of the way and peer-mentors whose opinions I value very much like Chris, Isaac, and Peter, of NOTR, the Hat Madder and Stargrazer respectively, praising our work affirmed what felt like a good set to the band. Ten years in, and it feels like we’ve finally played our first show! Of course, there’s plenty of evidence to contradict that, and Michael and I actually dug out a video of an October 2004 Drinking Mercury/ Plurals show last night, which was quite entertaining. For evidence of the show that we’re raving about, our friend Tim Hill was kind enough to post video of almost our entire set, which can be viewed here:

Speaking of Tim Hill, he also posted a video of the complete Break-Ups show at Small Planet from January 23rd. Check that out here:

And, while I was digging through these videos I came across another video Tim shot at Mac’s Bar in October when Calliope, extended GTG-family and a favorite band of many in the GTG, played a glam set, with Hattie in tow on vocals and guitar. This video has T. Rex’s “20th Century Boy” followed by their criminally unreleased pop gem “Holiday” (although this version is tamer than the one I’m used to… where’s that album Andy? You told me it would be out like three years ago!?!??) and a snippet of “Vactation” by the Go Go’s… and it sounds like Jason tosses in some of Linsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road” at the very end.

Thanks for all the videos Tim!

Tonight, Feb 8, we’ve got myself (TommyPlural) doing a solo/ duo set with Middleman (Michael) to open up an all ages show at Mac’s featuring our brothers in Frank and Earnest, To Fear the Wolf, and Dave Hause from the Loved Ones. That’s at 6 PM.
I’ve got another solo set up in Bay City on Thursday Feb 11, Jason Alarm is playing at Mac’s on Friday Feb 12 while MK Ultra Culkin is playing at The 734 in Ypsilanti the same night, and Saturday Feb 13 brings Josh David and the Dream Jeans‘ double header all ages Mac’s Bar show followed by a late 18+ show at Oade’s Hidden Camel (which is with good friends Cavalcade and Playback, as well as that danged Drinking Mercury). Yes!


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