GTG030 “Bermuda Snowhawk 2009” Out 12/19/09

1335 E Grand River Ave, Lansing, MI, 2 PM, Saturday Dec 19.
Day of mayhem courtesy your BMP/ GTG Friends.
The Cartridge Family, Josh David & The Dream Jeans, Frank and Earnest, Cavalcade, Genocya, La Mano, Edible Intentions, Fisher King, Gates of Steel, and the debut of The Plurals+..Break-Ups+John Bruce project Gary Sez Go!
It’s not only the release party for the 2009 Bermuda Snowhawk Compilation, but also a birthday celebration for the big man juicebox drywall king himself, Josh David.

The compilation features exclusive new tracks from GTG/BMP mainstays & friends The Plurals, The Break-Ups, Cavalcade, Small Houses, Crooked Sound, Stargrazer, Johnny Unicorn, Josh David & The Dream Jeans (debut recording!), Middleman, Ben Hassenger, The Cartridge Family, new solo tracks from both of the ex Matadors of Shame singer guys Anthony Adani and Andrew Amato, as well as a stocking stuffer’s worth of absolute nonsense from the smattering of side projects that pop up this time of year.. all I can say is brace yourselves for fucking Young Dan Tucker and Foxy Cyrus.
The comp will be available for free at the show, and the bands will all have a few copies in the weeks to come, but supplies are limited so get ’em while you can!

Happy Holidaze.

In response to the post below, we all miss you too Ms. Jessi Lynn. We love you and are so happy that you dusted off that guitar again, and those Trenton folks best be taking good care of you. Looking forward to seeing you dims in February.

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