Round-UpDate Nine Twenty-Five Oh Nine


We will be repressing The Break-Ups/ Head and Toe “GTG Sessions” split, The Plurals “Broadside Sessions EP,” and The Break-Ups “Skulls and Stuff” in October, so, fear not, they shall be available again soon. We’re aiming to have them on the streets again for the October 2nd Plurals/ Cartridge Family show at Sun Theater in Grand Ledge, MI. Also… The Plurals “Close Your Eyes and Floor It” live album should be available at this date as well.. keep your fingers crossed!

Plurals: “Whatevers Forever” is getting a nice national push through our friends at Raptor’s Delight PR. Expect some more reviews and stuff showing up soon. In the meantime, The Plurals have just recorded a track for an upcoming Devo tribute album to be released by GTG and The Wind Records this Christmas. Also on this album will be Calliope, The Cartridge Family, Narc Out the Reds, Gates of Steel, Johnny Unicorn, Cavalcade and oh so many other great bands. Yes! Michigan dates are booked through the beginning of November (make sure to catch The Plurals w/ OH MY GOD and Hat Madder at Mac’s Bar on October 25) followed by a brief midwest tour, and then it’s time to bunker down in the studio! With any luck, “Whatevers Forever” will be nicely buzzed, and then we take advantage of it with a new record in mid-10. Eric Merckling is working with the band again (on the Devo track as well as the new record) and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

J. Quentin/ Small Houses: Jeremy Rizik is chipping away at a record with John Krohn at his Deep Pink Studios in Lansing. Lots of cool folks have popped up on this record, including former members of Head and Toe and The Verve Pipe… should be cool! He’s playing in East Lansing at (SCENE) tonight, followed by a show in Philadelphia tomorrow night… fun stuff! His neverending tour picks up in Houghton, MI on September 30, whirling around the midwest for several weeks thereafter.

The Break-Ups: In addition to those new pressings mentioned above, The Break-Ups will soon be recording their smoking cover of KISS’ “Sure Know Something” for a GTG KISS tribute to come in early 2010. Not much to report on the live front, but the band should be hitting the studio in October to track some new material… stay tuned!

Too Much Too Fast Too Soon: The hard partying punky gentleman of our east coast contingent are keepin sprits up in dirty Jersey, with a show with punk legends The Casualities coming up in November. Wish we could all be there.. some of us will, but, read below… Raptor’s Delight PR has also taken on TMTFTS, so get ready for some more buzz on these fellas in addition to their state of mind…

Jessi Spreitzer: Well, we never got a chance to work with our token chanteuse on a record in Michigan, but we’ll be keeping tabs on her as she is soon to base her operations in the land of Too Much Too Fast Too Soon, Trenton, NJ. She’ll be playing a farewell show at State Grounds in Hastings, MI on October 9, and tommypluralsurprise will open the show. It’s free and all ages, so come sing along to “As It Should Be” one last time!

Stargrazer: Stargrazer is working away at a record in Eric Merckling’s CrookedSound studio, and boy are we excited. Stargrazer has deserved a good album of his haunting space pop for far too long, and we are honored to be the ones to help make it happen.

Jason Alarm: After some lineup shakeups the followed the release of their stellar debut EP “Engage!”, these hoodrats are back on the scene to support Cheap Girls‘ album release show on October 10 at the Sun Theater in Grand Ledge. Further GTG connections: Cheap Girls tracked about half of their album in the GTG House studio, so you can bet we’re excited to get that one out there too!

A Paschal Circus: Has anyone heard from these guys?

Really Cinematic: I think they broke up.. at least, Hattie, James, and Loren aren’t involved any more. Whatevs.

Drinking Mercury: With any luck, the long promised, forever-delayed album from these guys should be out for their 10th anniversary next year. Sheesh. But, dude, it’s gonna be so good.

Another post will be made in a few weeks to follow-up on this, but we’re involved with a lot of cool artists for future releases, including Narc Out the Reds, The Hat Madder, Gates of Steel, and Middleman. You can bet we’re excited!



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