I just realized that my first tour blog post isn’t up on the site. It didnt really say much, but it was called “God Bless America Tour #1.” Our new T-Shirts are red white and blue. That’s pretty much it. Man oh man… lost blog posts. What sort of gems have been taken away from us?!?!?!?!?!?!

Good to hear the Monday show went well. GTG started as a lunch room conversation between me, Nich, Hattie, and Stefan, and it’s super awesome that GTG events can happen across the continental US, without any of the founders present at a show in Lansing. Amazing. Bring on the fest!


2 responses to “Uh

  1. Technically, it started as a secret club me, Stefan, and a couple of the other kids were gonna form, and make T-shirts. Music probably came second to the T-shirts.

  2. Hattie Plural

    I think it’s funny that I was involved in these cafeteria conversations even though I never went to Ionia High, nor was I in school when the conversations took place.

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