Really Cinematic’s new line-up

Moving in to the GTG house was the greatest thing I ever dun.  These nice folks brushed me off, hosed me down, and taught me how to play an instrument!  They even let me join one of their music-playin’ bands!

I am the current drummer for the previously 3-peice band, Really Cinematic.  The new line-up features Plurals/Break Ups drummer Hattie Danby in her first band playing a git-ar!  Boy-howdy she’s writing some great stuff!  Jo Taylor sings words and plays this other guitar, and Loren Pudvay plays one of those four string guitars that’s like bump bump bump.  Our first show was at the GTG house a couple of weekends ago.  We played at a really fun show with the Plurals in Chicago on Sunday,  and we played at Mac’s bar last night.

Anyone who says the Lansing music scene is full of elitists should hear the story of the poor little boy who wandered into the GTG house and became a drummer.  Sadly, I will be leaving these hallowed halls this summer, but I will always consider myself a part of Good Time Gang.


Jimmy Cinematic

5 responses to “Really Cinematic’s new line-up

  1. If you leave I’ll kill you. End of discussion.

  2. Hey Jimmy. Have we met?
    I have a similar story, except my new band included tommy and I in a two piece fundamentalist improv. hardcore group.
    _J. Quentin

  3. I’ve never lived there, but I await Charm School’s second rehearsal!

  4. Hattie Plural

    I also await Charm School’s second rehearsal!!

    Jesus James, as we like to call him, is a fine drummer indeed. I’m super-glad he moved in and will be super-sad to see him move out, but like some people who have lived at the GTG House (including me), he’ll probably be there half the time anyway because it’s a place where good times are had. It’ll always be my real home, really. Sorry to get sappy.

    I ALSO await the next Walk vs. Fly appearance, by the way.

  5. Timmy, don’t worry, I plan on being in the fine city of Lansing for many years. Jeremy, I’m the messiah of music-town. Hattie, yes! Ori and I will be hanging out at the GTG house all the time.

    – James

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