Tourtourtour- NPD

This is Nich, writing from Syracuse. We’re heading back west by this point, after we leave here it’s off to Jamestown. Happy to be sleeping in my own bed in 24hr, but it’s always bittersweet, especially when tour has been this fucking sweet.

Syracuse is great. Last night we played a game called “secret knucks” where we all wrote on the hand of the person next of us. James got the legendary “POOPZONE”. Some other guy got “FUCK YOUR FACE” written on, oddly enough, his face. I like New York. NYC, Syracuse, hopefully Jamestown. The driving is wearisome, though.

Boston was really kewl architecturally.. but as I’ve been saying to my road compatriots, me and the town had a bit of a Shinning thing going on (no, I don’t mean the title of that one movie, I don’t want to get sued.) We seemed to have been hanging out in a bizarre mix of touristy Boston and business district Boston, and I’m really grateful for how well Jer-Bear Quentin Rizik put us up, but the town reminded me of a giant mall… saturated in advertising, assholes, and xenophobia who loved to stare at the kid with long hair. I will gladly give the town another chance and hopefully play in more of the hip/punk/DIY thing, or where-evers. It is a lot to soak in and maybe my walnut brain was overwhelmed. Whatever!

I mainly had my commentary on Boston I wanted to get out there. Otherwise, you can get your tasty-three-piece-known-as-the-Plurals-tour-news from Tommy. I’ll say his blog should be mostly accurate. I plan on getting together a photo-accompaniment to this tour, so keep yer eyes open for pictures of things from faraway lands. So much thanks to everyone who’s put us up so far, and played with us, and watched us. It’s been gnarly. Last night was the greatest unexpected detour to the campus of Cornell… thanks to Ryan Jackson for that.


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