Must Be, Because of My Shoes.

I am sitting here in my apartment in good ol’ Grand Rapids, MI. Coffee is brewing, my socks are off, just got done listening to some Cheap Girls. I’ve gained a little case of the sniffles, which sucks, but its ok. This weekend is the only weekend this month I don’t have a show, which is cool. I like having months packed full of shows, its been a long time since that has happened.

In between school and work this week, I’ve had little time to sit and relax. I started getting a cold around Tuesday, so gaining that on top of numerous projects and tests, well it left me a little unmotivated. I didn’t get to have my weekly Abbey Divine jam either, so that just made the week more weird. Having Zach Burger come over to my apartment to jam is a weekly thing that I look forward to every week. Even if it is just us playing random Beatle covers and drinking beer.

A lot of shows coming up. Today The Plurals play in Grand Ledge with Jason Alarm and The Smashing Blumpkins. So if you are in GR, check that out.

Tomorrow, Feb 14 The Plurals are playing in Grand Rapids at Mixtape cafe with a bunch of other bands. Shows at 6, so be sure if you are in that area come check it out. And I believe later that night there is a Cheap Girls show at Mulligans. I think that’s 21+. But the Plurals show is all ages, so be sure to check that one out.

Next week Friday, the Break-Ups have a show at State Grounds Coffeehouse in Hastings, MI. New songs, same rock and roll, same cup of coffee. Shows at 8, our beloved Jessi Spreitzer is playing also. We love her.

I don’t know what I really wanted to write on here. I just realized no one had posted today, so I wanted to make sure that there was a daily post. So I just promoted shows.

One response to “Must Be, Because of My Shoes.

  1. I’m excited to see Jessi play again—it’s been awhile. That flier is the best ever!! Both shows were good overall. The sound in the Sun Theater wasn’t the best, but Tommy did a nice job working with what he had running sound. I’m still pretty disappointed about having to play so early last night. Everyone that came to see us missed us. Hopefully the Mixtape with get a grasp on how to use communication skills soon, which is pretty important when running a venue. Thanks for the post Timmy!

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