The Fiction Junkies



The Fiction Junkies began as a songwriting project between singer Josh David (ex-Josh David and the Dream Jeans, the Cartridge Family) and guitarist Nick Merz (The Hat Madder, the Jackpine Snag, MK Ultra Culkin, solo project Geistlos) and expanded into a full band that also includes drummer Tod Parkhill and bassist Mike Hall. The band began performing live in early 2014 and released their debut EP Morbidly Obtuse in October 2014. Putting together elements of folk and punk with progressive but concise rock and roll, The Fiction Junkies bring a wide diversity of songwriting styles together with a high energy live show to become another impressive addition to the oft-kilter rock music that has long been a Lansing, Michigan specialty.

Facebook page.

Morbidly Obtuse (GTG) debut EP/CD released 10/2014

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