The Break-Ups




Originally started in 2005 as a “studio side project” by long-time friends and musical collaborators Timmy Rodriguez and Tommy McCord, the addition of Hattie Danby on drums in 2006 turned The Break-Ups into a full-fledged live band. Frankie Knoch rounded out the lineup later in 2006, and The Break-Ups performed their brand of melodic, vocal-harmony laden indie rock around Michigan often until 2011 when they unofficially took a break (aside from a few studio collaborations). The band recorded the EP Frankie’s Baby in early 2014 and began performing again towards the end of the year with Loren Pudvay (a frequent collaborator in the earlier days of the band) replacing Frankie Knoch on bass guitar.

“One Night”

Bandcamp site
Facebook page

(In Print)
Frankie’s Baby (GTG) EP, released 10/2014
Skulls and Stuff (GTG) full-length CD, released 7/2008
A Collection of Songs 2007-2011 (GTG) digital compilation of non-album tracks

(Out of Print)
GTG Sessions (GTG) split CD with Head and Toe, released 7/2009
Blush Noisette (GTG) full-length CD, released 5/2007
Rosa Gallica (GTG) full band demo EP/CD, released 12/2006
The George McFly EP (GTG) debut acoustic demo EP/CD, released 5/2006

It Takes a Village to Make Records 3-Way Singles Club Vol. 15 (ITAV) features exclusive song “Rainy Day Song”
No F@%king Egos 2 (Silver Maple Kill Records) features exclusive song “Sea Song”
Secret Identities: Lansing Covers Lansing (GTG/ LMTV) features cover of “Slow Down” by A Story Told
The Metaphorical Steven (GTG) features exclusive song “One Night”
No More Tomorrow Baby! A Tribute to KISS (GTG) features cover of “Sure Know Something” by KISS
Bermuda Snowhawk 2009 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive Break-Ups song “Christmas This Year Comes Without You”
Bermuda Snowhawk 2008 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive Break-Ups song “A Letter to Santa”
Situations at Hand (GTG) features exclusive Break-Ups song “Zombie Head”

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