The Knights Without

The Knights Without was a sickeningly infectious pop-rock band from Lake Odessa, MI that featured anthemic vocals, duel lead guitars, and sugary melodies. Led by singer/guitarist Josh Hanger and guitarist Loren Pudvay (now of the Hunky Newcomers) the band also later included Break-Ups members Timmy Rodriguez, Frankie Knoch, and Hattie Danby. The band released the acoustic Otter EP on GTG in 2007 and disbanded shortly before the completion of the 2008 GTG album Putting A Positive Spin on a Train Wreck. Although the album was completed posthumously, the band never played again and their music was sadly only heard by a precious few. Download the album here. They also somehow won a $500 “Rock and Blues” Competition in Portland, MI in 2007. That was pretty funny.