Small Houses


Masterminded by singer-guitarist-songwriter Jeremy Quentin, the Small Houses project began in the summer of 2009 as the latest vehicle for Quentin’s songs. Originally hailing from Michigan, Quentin led the acclaimed indie-folk group Head and Toe for several records and live performances around Michigan and the midwest before moving to Boston to study at Berklee School of Music in the fall of 2008. With the debut of Small Houses Quentin has essentially lived on the road, touring around the country with his ever expanding catalog of songs.

“Country Flowers” from Just Before the North

“Last Last One” from Our Dusking Sound

Official website


North (GTG) full-length CD, released 10/2011
Just Before the North (GTG) EP/CD, released 4/2011
Our Dusking Sound (GTG) full-length CD, released 2/2010

Secret Identities: Lansing Covers Lansing (GTG/ LMTV) features cover of “Marshall St.” by Jen Sygit
In the Orchard of Osiris (It Takes A Village to Make Records) features “Like the Day, Like the Way I Seem”
Bermuda Snowhawk 2009 (BMP/ GTG) features exclusive recording of “Holiday Song”

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