Not the Bees!


Not the Bees is a melodic punk band from Union County, NJ. Formed at the beginning of 2011, the band consists of guitarist/ vocalists Joe Allocco and Jon Barnes, bassist Rob Carducci, and Mike Pushkin on drums. These guys come from an east coast “Basement Punk” background (where they’ve proudly been putting on shows at a VFW Hall in North Jersey for years now) and the Hot Water Music influence is not understated by any means, but the guys aren’t afraid of a catchy Face to Face style chorus or embracing atmospheric, almost psychedelic, musical interludes. After a couple of self released demos and compilation cuts, Not the Bees released their proper debut EP Another Hour to Burn on GTG in 2012 which, coupled with their intense live shows, is a truly stinging experience. No bees required.

“Backpacks” from Another Hour to Burn

“Maiden America” from Another Hour to Burn

Facebook page
Bandcamp page (listen to Another Hour to Burn)

The “Sammy Hagar Eating Dinner at His Mother’s House” EP, released 8/2013
Another Hour to Burn(GTG Records) debut EP/CD, released 9/2012
Knees (RTF Records) cassette demo, released 8/2011
Something Strange is Happening self-released demo CD, released 6/2011

It’s Fine. (GTG) Features acoustic version of “So It Goes and So On.”

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