Honah Lee


Hailing from Trenton, NJ, Honah Lee was formed in 2008 by a group of hardworking and harder-partying musicians native to the area. Specializing in catchy, melodic, hard-hitting rock and roll with the energy, abandon, and attitude of punk rock, Honah Lee’s live performances are an intoxicating (in more ways than one) celebration of music and mayhem. Constantly on the road, the four boys of Honah Lee – singer/ guitarist Tim, bassist Jim, lead guitarist Dim, and drummer Tony G – have also issued a steady stream of recordings, with their latest being the GTG-released 33 on 45 in 2015. Honah Lee released a new music video for every month of 2014 to serve as a companion piece to thealbum as well as display the talents of the group in a visual medium. These videos are available on a DVD as well as the band’s youtube channel.

“I Should Go” from 33 on 45

“Don’t Be Me” from Life Won’t Let Me

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Tim Hoh Website


33 on 45 (GTG) LP released 2/2015, released 7/2015
Life Won’t Let Me (GTG) CD, released 6/2011
I Want It All! self-released CD, released 8/2009

Singles / Collections / etc:

You Never Know Bill Murray Stories soundtrack/ video single (2018)
Ghostheads soundtrack/ video single (2017)
Music To Look At DVD compilation of music videos, released 12/2014
Sober X-Mas digital single, released 12/2014
We Still Love You Ben digital single, released 6/2012
Left Off The Dial digital compilation of 2010 singles and I Want It All! highlights, released 1/2011
Too Much b/w Gun digital single released 9/2010
I Hate My Job b/w Dead digital single, released 5/2010
Lick-It EP Split (GTG) split CD w/ The Plurals, released 4/2010


GTG100 (GTG) features “Even If I’m Broken” (2017)
Another Solstice features “New Personality (Drunk Jam)” (2016)
Time to Val Kilmer (GTG) features “I Should Go” (2015)
Bermuda Snohawk 2014 (BMP/GTG) features “Sober X-Mas” (2014)
3-Way Single Club Vol. 19(ITAV) features alternate version of “The Accommodator” (2013)
It’s Fine (GTG) features demo version of “The Inevitable” (2013)
The Metaphorical Steven (GTG) features “Too Much” (2011)
We’re All Wasted New York Waste sampler, features early version of “Sobered, So Bored”(2009)

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