Fade to Black


Begun in 1990 by a group of film students at Lansing Community College, Fade to Black blend an array of alternative rock styles in their self-described “modern classic rock” sound. After two albums in 1990 and 1991, the members parted ways to pursue individual projects. In 2009 the group reformed, began playing live gigs, and recorded a new album. In 2011 founding members Mike Anderson (lead vocals), Eldon McGraw (guitar), Randy Matthews (guitar), and Jeff Behrendt (bass), were joined by drummer Mike Reed, with an album of new material to follow later in the year.

“Hey Baby” from Black is Back

“Shadowplay” from Black is Back

Official website


Live in Lansing (GTG) live album released 2/2011, available at FTB official website
Black is Back (GTG) full-length CD, released 6/2010
Is This the End? full-length album, released 8/1991
Land of Plenty debut full-length album, released 10/1990

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