Cat Midway



Cat Midway is self-described “one-woman band with pots and pans, a guitar, some pills, and a tambourine” from Lansing, MI that has been performing around the area since the mid-00s. The project of Lansing native (and awesome seamstress) Berry Noxon, Cat Midway features a catalog of folk-influenced songs with a hard-edged punk rock attitude brimming with unconventional hooks and wry introspective lyrics. Noxon always has an intriguing project or two in the works, be it musical or art or fashion or anything in between. Cat Midway co-released a self-titled 12 inch LP with GTG in the summer of 2013 that you can order here and here.


Bandcamp site
Facebook page
Berry Unconventional website

Cat Midway self-titled LP released 6/2013

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