GTG Records Catalog

Below is a list of the complete GTG Records catalog. To order in-print items and to stream and purchase downloads go to our bandcamp store, and check out the free downloads archive for… free downloads from the archives.

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GTG154: Bermuda Snowhawk 2022
Released 12/23/2022
GTG153: A Rueful Noise “Let The Revels Begin” 7-inch
Released 8/26/2022
GTG152: The Wild Honey Collective “Volume 2” LP/CD
Released 7/1/2022
GTG151: Jeremy Porter and The Tucos “Bottled Regrets” 3-CD Compilation
Released 3/11/2022
GTG150: The Wild Honey Collective “Don’t Close Your Eyes” single
Released 5/6/2022
GTG149: Bermuda Snohawk 2021
Released 12/23/2021
GTG148: The Soods “A Ray Rewired, Volume 2
Released 11/19/21
GTG147: Jeremy Porter and The Tucos “Tonight Is Not The Night” 7-inch
Released 9/9/2022
GTG146: The Soods “A Ray Rewired, Volume 1
Released 6/25/21
GTG145: Harborcoat “Joy Is Elusive
Released 10/1/21
GTG144: Various “This Must Be The Place: Quality Hits From Lansing
Released 3/26/21
GTG143: The Stick Arounds “Waiting For The Click” EP
Released 4/9/21
GTG142: Various “A Benefit For Mac’s Bar Staff
Released 3/5/21
GTG141: Slow Draw “Pessimist” Flexi Disc
Released 1/11/21
GTG140: The Wild Honey Collective “Volume 1” LP/CD
Released 1/1/2021
GTG139: Bermuda Snohawk 2020
Released 12/23/2020
GTG138: Gumsmack “It Is
Released 10/2/2020
GTG137: The Soods “Ornaments of Affection
Released 10/9/2020
GTG136: Jeremy Porter and The Tucos “Candy Coated Cannonball” LP/CD
Released 1/22/21
GTG135: Jeremy Porter and The Tucos “Dead Ringer” single
Released 1/1/2021
GTG133: The Plurals “Stumblebee” EP
Released 6/5/2020
GTG132: The Plurals “Bzz
Released 5/29/2020
GTG131: The Stick Arounds “Hot Singles Club” digital/LP
Released 2/14/2020
GTG130: Bermuda Snohawk 2019
Released 12/24/2019
GTG129: The Plurals “Grumblebee” CD/EP
Released 12/9/2019
GTG128: Jeremy Porter and the Tucos “No Use For Christmas” CD/EP
Released 12/6/2019
GTG127: Drinking Mercury “Drinking Mercury” LP/CD
Released 11/22/2019
GTG126: Small Parks “Small Parks” EP<
Released 11/1/2019
GTG125: Disappointed Dad “Disappointed Dad” CD
Released 10/11/2019
GTG124: Drinking Mercury / The Soods split CD
Released 9/20/2019
GTG123: Harborcoat “Brutal Gravity” CD
Released 9/13/2019
GTG122: Robot (Re)pair “End Transmissions” CD
Released 5/16/2019
G121: Various Artists “For The Record Volume 1
Released 7/16/2019
GTG120: No Skull “No Skull” CD/EP
Released 10/11/2019
GTG119: The Plurals “Mumblebee” CD/EP
Released 5/10/2019
GTG118: Jeremy Porter “1987” CD/EP
Released 5/31/2019
GTG117: Cavalcade “Sonic Euthanasia” LP/CD
Released 5/3/2019
GTG116: Bermuda Snohawk 2018
Released 12/21/2018
GTG115: The Hat Madder “Friend Of The Devil” Reissue
Released 11/21/2018
GTG114: Blaine and His Keyboard “Blaine and His Keyboard” EP/CD
Released 10/26/2018
GTG113: Jeremy Porter and The Tucos “At Least She’s Still In Love With You” 7″
Released 11/30/2018
GTG112: Extra Arms “Headacher” CD
Released 10/12/2018 (Co-release w/ Get Party Records)
GTG111: The Stick Arounds “Ways To Hang On” LP/CD
Released 10/26/2018
GTG110: Erotic Novels “There Is No Language In Our Love” LP
Released 9/7/2018
GTG109: Sleeping Timmy & The Blackhole Sound CD
Released 2/18/2018
GTG108: The Sexy Murders/Drinking Mercury split LP
Released 2/2/2018 (digital) / 3/9/2018 (vinyl)
GTG107: Various Artists “Bermuda Snohawk 2017” (co-release w/ BMP!)
Released 12/22/2017
GTG105: Jeremy Porter and The Tucos “Don’t Worry, It’s Not Contagious” LP/CD
Released 11/10/2017
GTG104: The Hat Madder “Rotting On the Vine” LP/CD
Released 10/14/2017 (CD/digital) / 3/30/2018 (vinyl)
GTG103: Jason Paul “A Rebel One” cassette
Released 9/8/2017
GTG102: Jeremy Porter and The Tucos “Huckleberry” digital single
Released 9/15/2017
GTG101: The Plurals “Swish” LP/CD
Released 9/1/2017
GTG100: Various Artists “GTG100
Released 7/29/2017
GTG099: Red Teeth/ Some Plurals split
Released 7/8/2017
GTG098: Frank and Earnest “It Could’ve Been A Lot Worse” CD/EP
Released 6/30/2017
GTG097: Two Houses “I Feel So Good I Cant’ Stand Myself” cassette
Released 5/5/2017
GTG096: Tommy Plural “Idiot Cousin” CD
Released 4/8/2017
GTG095: Hut Two Hike “Beach Noir” CD/EP
Released 3/11/2017
GTG094: Various Artists “He Just Wrote Them Like That: A Tribute to George Harrison
Released 2/25/2017
GTG093: The Hunky Newcomers “Harder Dude Stuff” Live CD
Released 1/27/2017
GTG092: Bermuda Snohawk 2016 (co-release w/ Bermuda Mohawk)
Released 12/23/2016
GTG091: Carm “Whitecaps” EP
Released 8/10/2016
GTG090: Small Parks “Honest Light” LP
Released 10/7/2016
GTG089: “How Much Art Can You Fake?” 4-way split
Released 8/19/2016
GTG088: Junior Battles / Bong Mountain split cassette (co-release with Paper + Plastick)
Released 5/18/2016
GTG087: Dubois / Secondaries split 7-inch (co-release with Diet Pop Records)
Released 9/2/2016
GTG086: The Stick Arounds “Mystery Garage” LP/CD
Released 10/7/2016
GTG085: Narc Out the Reds “Lipstick / Solitaire” 10-inch
Released 11/5/2016
GTG084: Various Artists “Bermuda Snohawk 2015
Released 12/22/2015
GTG083: Red Teeth “Light Bender” 7-inch
Released 3/18/2016
GTG082: Various Artists “Time To Val Kilmer
Released 5/12/2015
GTG081: Various Artists “Another One of Those Equinoxes Vol 2
Released 4/7/2015
GTG080: Dreadpool Parker “Dreadpool Parker” CD
Released 10/9/2015
GTG079: The Hat Madder “Live In St. Tropez” CD/digital
Released 6/9/2015
GTG078: The Plurals “An Onion Tied To My Belt” LP/CD
(co-release with Infintesmal Records and Diet Pop Records)
Released 7/21/2015
GTG077: Honah Lee “33 on 45” LP
Released 2/28/2015
GTG076: Various Artists “Bermuda Snohawk 2014
Released 12/23/2014
GTG075: The Plurals “Chazzwazzers” EP
Released 12/2/2014
GTG074: The Break-Ups “Frankie’s Baby” EP
Released 10/18/2014
GTG073: Various Artists “Another One of Those Equinoxes
Released 10/18/2014
GTG072: The Fiction Junkies “Morbidly Obtuse” EP/CD
Released 10/18/2014
GTG071: Frank and Earnest “Modern Country” CD
Released 9/6/2014
GTG070: Cave Needles “Cave Needles” CD
Released 6/28/2014
GTG069.69: The Hunky Newcomers “Penis Time” EP
Released 6/21/2014
GTG069: The Hunky Newcomers “Secret of the Booze” LP
Released 2/9/2014
GTG068: Bermuda Snohawk 2013
Released 12/27/2013
GTG067: Narc Out the Reds “Have Just Enough to Cover Up” EP/CD
Released 11/13/2013
GTG066: Gates of Steel “Discography”
Released 10/8/2013 (free download available here)
GTG065: Molly Rhythm “It Is What It Isn’t
Released 5/30/2013
GTG064: The Plurals / Black Sparrow Press split 7-inch
Released 4/1/2014
GTG063: Various Artists “GTG Records: It’s Fine
Released 6/11/2013
GTG062: Cat Midway LP
Released 6/29/2013
GTG061: Various Artists “Bermuda Snowhawk 2012” CD
Released 12/22/2012
GTG060: The Hat Madder “Orgy Opposite” LP
Released 12/4/2012
GTG059: The Need You Nows “Joey Lawrence Pubic Domain” EP
Released 10/6/2012
GTG058: Not the Bees! “Another Hour to Burn” CD/EP
Released 9/25/2012
GTG057: Various Artists “Bermuda Snowhawk 2011” CD
(co-release w/ BMP!)
Released 12/22/2011
GTG056: Various Artists “Secret Identities: Lansing Covers Lansing” CD
(co-release w/ LansingMusicTV)
Released 1/6/2012
GTG055: Small Houses “North” CD
Released 10/6/2011
GTG054: Drinking Mercury “Orcades” CD
Released 9/3/2011
GTG053: Edible Intention CD
(co-release with Silver Maple Kill)
Released 8/10/2011
GTG052: Narc Out the Reds “Pawnmower / Leak in the Disease” 7-inch single
Released 7/21/2011
GTG051: Frank and Earnest / The Plurals “Funemployment” split 7-inch
Released 6/24/2011
GTG050: Josh David and the Dream Jeans “Can You Believe We Landed on the Moon?” CD
Released 6/24/2011
GTG049: Honah Lee “Life Won’t Let Me” CD
Released 6/17/2011
GTG048: Small Houses “Just Before the North” EP
Released 4/28/2011
GTG047: The Plurals “The Plurals Today, The Plurals Tomorrow: A Futurospective
Released 5/21/2011
GTG046: Various Artists “The Metaphorical Steven”
Released 4/5/2011 (available for free download here.)
GTG045: Drinking Mercury “Words” CD/EP
Released 1/22/2011
GTG044: Bermuda Snowhawk 2010
Released 12/31/2010
GTG043: The Plurals “Austin Gump” cassette
Released 12/4/2010
GTG042: Various Artists “Explosions! Lansing Salutes Devo
Released 12/3/2010
GTG041: Various Artists “No More Tomorrow Baby! A Tribute to KISS” CD
Released 12/3/2010
GTG040: Fade to Black “Live in Lansing
Released 2/22/2011
GTG039: Stargrazer “Trieste
Released 11/25/2010
GTG038: Frank and Earnest “Old Francis” CD
(Co-release w/ BMP!)
Released 7/10/2010
GTG037: MK Ultra Culkin “Homeland Insecurity” CD/EP
Released 5/17/2010
GTG036: The Guest Stars “The High Life” CD
Released 4/17/2010
GTG035: Fade to Black “Black is Back” CD
Released 6/8/2010
GTG034: The Plurals/ Honah Lee “Lick-It EP Split” CD
Released 4/10/2010
GTG033: Narc Out the Reds “… Are on the Run” CD/EP
Released 4/10/2010
GTG032: Small Houses “Our Dusking Sound” CD
Released 2/27/2010
GTG031: The Hat Madder “Rogue Notes and Phones” CD
Released 2/6/2010
GTG030: Various Artists “Bermuda Snowhawk 2009″
(co-release w/ BMP)
Released 12/19/2009
GTG029: The Plurals “Live: Close Your Eyes and Floor It”
Released 10/5/2009 (free download available here)
GTG028: Various Artists “GTG Fest 2009 Compilation” CD
Released 7/11/2009
GTG027: The Break-Ups / Head and Toe “GTG Sessions” CD
Released 7/11/2009
GTG026: Too Much Too Fast Too Soon “Fresh N Tight” CD/EP
Released 7/11/2009
GTG025: The Plurals “The Broadside Sessions” CD/EP
Released 7/11/2009
GTG024: J. Quentin “Read Me May” (co-release with High City Records) CD/EP
Released 7/3/2009
GTG023: Jason Alarm “Engage!” (co-release with Bermuda Mohawk Productions) CD/EP
Released 5/29/2009
GTG022: Various Artists “Bermuda Snowhawk 2008″ (co-release with Bermuda Mohawk Productions)
Released 12/19/2008
GTG021: The Plurals “Whatevers Forever” (co-release with Bermuda Mohawk Productions)
Released 8/2/2008
GTG020: The Break-Ups “Skulls and Stuff” CD
Released 7/26/2008
GTG019: A Paschal Circus “Oh Baby Kick the Dead Horse” CD
Released 5/16/2008
GTG018: Head and Toe “City of Leaves” CD
Released 5/6/2008
GTG017: The Knights Without “Putting A Positive Spin on a Train Wreck”
Released 4/5/2008 (free download available here)
GTG016: Head and Toe “Let the Air In” CD/EP
GTG015: Various Artists “Situations At Hand” CD
Released 12/1/2007
GTG014: The Knights Without “The Otter EP” CD/EP
Released 6/16/2007
GTG013: The Break-Ups “Blush Noisette” CD
Released 5/12/2007
GTG012: Head and Toe “The Interstate 80 Album” CD
Released 5/19/2007
GTG011: The Break-Ups “Rosa Gallica” CD/EP
Released 12/1/2006
GTG010: The Plurals “Professor Nanners” CD/EP
Released 3/1/2007 (free download available here)

GTG001-9 consist of extremely limited CD-R copies of demos that were handmade by the mostly teenage Plurals and sometimes Mr. Sleeping Timmy minutes before attempting to sell them at shows. They are listed here for completists’ sake, and because we were dumb enough to give them catalog numbers.
GTG009: Josh Hanger “Kill For Peace EP” CD/EP
Released 5/11/2006
GTG008: Hattie “The Waiting EP” CD/EP
Released 4/22/2006
GTG007: Drinking Mercury “Way” CD/EP
Released 5/11/2006 (free download available here)
GTG006: unreleased My Apology album (free download available here)
GTG005: The Break-Ups “The George McFly EP” Demo/CD
Released 5/11/2006
GTG004: The Plurals “The Stopgap EP” Demo/CD
Released 1/28/2006
GTG003: The Plurals “A Very Live Thing” Download
Released 10/30/2005
GTG002: My Apology “Dream In Past Tense” Demo/CD
Released 5/13/2005
GTG001: The Plurals “A Very Good Thing” Demo/CD
Released 8/4/2005